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Area code 905 (with overlay area codes 289 and 365) is a telephone dialling area in southern Ontario. It includes the Niagara Peninsula, Hamilton, Oshawa, and the suburban greater Toronto area.


About The 905 SceneEdit

The 905 is a Canadian Music scene located in south central Ontario. Corresponding to communities that use the 905 area code, it primarily designates the suburban areas encircling the Greater Toronto Area, but has been used to label musical acts from south of Hamilton into the Niagara Peninsula. The label is applied throughout the Golden Horseshoe region for any city other than Toronto. Due to its population and urban culture Toronto (the 416 area code) is typically considered a separate scene, albeit deeply interconnected with the 905. While individual cities in the 905 may have populations too small to support an isolated music scene, the dense number of cities in the area has allowed for a large number of musical acts to form.[1]



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